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Some operations via the Routable API will trigger emails on your behalf to customers.

To give these emails a human look and feel, we include the name and avatar of a member from your team on the outbound email.

This is why we have the requester field on our requests and you can find a list of eligible requesters via the List Memberships endpoint.

Funding Accounts

In Routable, we have Funding Account objects that represent addresses (for receiving checks), bank accounts (for ACH sending/receiving and to send checks), and balances (for doing same-day ACH).

To find a list of accounts that you can use to fund and receive payments, see our List all funding accounts API.


Partnerships define the relationship between your company and the companies that you do business with, including contact info and whether the company is a vendor, customer, or both.

At a very high level, you can think of partnerships as the companies or individuals that you do business with and would like to pay or invoice.


Finally, we have items which can be either payables or receivables.

When you want to send or receive money, these are the objects you'll want to create!

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