Accounts Receivable Automation: Solved

Now, receiving can be as good as giving.

Routable now supports the creation of Receivables in our API. Just like our best-in-class Payable automation solution, Receivables in Routable can be created with a single call. Your customers will receive an email branded with your logo and colors, directing them seamlessly to a branded payment experience hosted maintained by Routable. Customers enter their banking information securely and in just a few clicks, an ACH transfer is on its way to your bank. Your finance team can view and manage Receivables in your own application via the API, or using Routable's intuitive dashboard.

As with Payables, your Routable account can be configured with multi-layer approval rules to automatically request approval from your team when Receivable thresholds you set are reached. No communication is triggered to your customers until the approvers you designate sign off on the Receivable. You can also cancel a Receivable if you need to. You can automate with confidence on the Routable platform.

Routable's accounts receivable solution seamlessly integrates with your accounting software. Just pass an extra field or two to the Create a Receivable API request, and we'll match everything up with NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, or other accounting applications behind the scenes. Even if you received payment via another method, such as an e-commerce platform's credit card processing solution, you can use Routable's API as a bridge to your accounting application for recording and properly categorizing the payment.

As always, Routable's Developer Experience Team is happy to schedule a call with you to discuss your individual use case and help you craft the perfect solution.

Happy Thanks-receiving from the Routable team!