Announcing Sage Intacct support in the Routable API!

Hey there, everybody! We at Routable are thrilled to announce that the best-in-class integration between Routable and Sage Intacct just got even better. As of today, we're rolling out beta support for Sage Intacct integrations in the Routable API! Just like our integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero and Oracle NetSuite, our API requires a few extra fields when creating line items for Payables and Receivables in Sage Intacct, but don't worry, it's super easy! You'll be tracking Payables and Receivables against the Contracts, Items, Departments, Warehouses, and other dimensions in no time flat!

Routable's API now sends funds further than ever before!

After building the best-in-class solution for automation of international payouts to get your funds anywhere on Earth you want them to go, Routable is thrilled to announce our next horizon. Routable's cross-border payments functionality is going even further! How far? To the stars!

You paid someone outside of Routable?! But...

Okay, we're kidding. We're not really jealous, promise. ๐Ÿ˜

More webhook goodies!

Hey there, friends! Hope everyone's having a happy, spooky Halloween! ๐Ÿ‘ป

Are you hooked? Check out our new webhook enhancements!

Here at Routable, we love adding cool new stuff to the API endpoints you can call. That said, we wouldn't be very good friends if we didn't call you sometimes, too, and that's what our webhooks do, allowing your applications to react to events that occur in the Routable platform regardless of whether they came from the API, the Routable Dashboard, or even your vendors and customers. Today, Routable's proud to announce the first wave of enhancements we're making to our webhook offerings, by adding several new webhook events and some new power we can take advantage of in the next round!

International tax data collection? It's as easy as ichi, zwei, tres!

Last month, we announced the addition of United States tax data collection for vendors, and we promised that support for vendors outside the United States was coming soon. Well, soon is today!

Rupiahs and Ringgits and Pesos, oh my!

Routable's International Payments offering continues to span the globe, offering more currencies in more countries at less cost all the time! Today we've deployed support for payments via local rails (international_ach) in the following currencies:

Tax form collection? Solved.

When you're automating transactions with lots of vendors, such as independent contractors and gig workers, collection of tax information is a real hassle. At least, it used to be.

Supported Countries and Territories: now readable by computers!

If you've explored Routable's International Payments offerings - and if you haven't, why not? - you're probably familiar with the Supported Countries and Territories Explorer. This feature of our documentation allows you to check what capabilities and requirements Routable has when sending Payables to a Company in that country or territory.

More currencies, fewer problems.

Routable's international payments platform continues to grow! We've added the ability to send US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), or Euros (EUR) to any of our more than 200 Supported Countries and Territories via the SWIFT network. Of course, if the vendor's local currency is not one of those three but is supported by our platform, the vendor will continue to receive that currency as well. The Routable API will automatically detect what currency is expected by the vendor's receiving bank account, and the vendor will receive funds in that currency. You don't need to change anything in your Payable API requests to use this new feature!