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Revision 2021-02-11

Posted by Philip Bjorge about a month ago
  • Breaking Changes: Creating partnerships, partnership invites, and items require updates. For instructions on how to upgrade your requests see our upgrade guide.

  • Items

    • Added support adding an ACH addenda to Items
    • Added support for fine-grained approvals when creating Items -- To enable this feature for your company, please contact [email protected]
    • Added Items > Members APIs that enable updating existing item members as well as adding new ones
  • Company

    • Added Company APIs for fetching information your company and item approval settings -- For access to your company ID, please contact [email protected]
  • Partnerships

    • Added Partnership > Members APIs that enable updating of existing partnership members and creating new ones
  • Updated some examples with correct pagination responses

Revision 2020-06-09

Posted by Philip Bjorge 10 months ago
  • Upgraded implementation of the JSON:API standard to allow for nested relationship data structures

  • Added requester to create calls to designate the creator of resources

  • Added PartnershipMember and ItemMember models, see our upgrade guide for more details

  • Added requirement for a secondary call to send a Partnership invite

Revision 2019-11-04

Posted by Philip Bjorge about a year ago
  • Added conditional payment_delivery_methods_accepted, payment_delivery_option and partner_receivable_account to Create an item

  • Added new list call to get Partnership funding accounts