Routable's API now sends funds further than ever before!

After building the best-in-class solution for automation of international payouts to get your funds anywhere on Earth you want them to go, Routable is thrilled to announce our next horizon. Routable's cross-border payments functionality is going even further! How far? To the stars!

Starting today, the Routable API can send Payables to vendors on Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and many of their moons! That's right, we've done what no other AP solution on the market can do: we're going solar system-wide!

For this initial rollout, payouts must be sent in USD or EUR. Other currencies will become available as the nations that use them place currency exchange landers. Missions are currently underway to add funds receiving stations on Saturn and its moons, Neptune and Pluto*. Stay tuned to this changelog for an update when those orbiters arrive on station and begin operations.


Dwarf Planets and Kuiper Belt Objects

In the interests of API standardization and simplicity, Routable will recognize Pluto as a planet rather than adding a separate field structure for dwarf planets and Kuiper belt objects.

To use this new functionality, your Payable payload should set the type key to interplanetary. We support two interplanetary delivery_methods: deep_space_radio and laser. Laser payouts can arrive in as little as a few minutes, whereas deep_space_radio payables can take as long as sixteen hours to credit to the receiving bank account, depending where the destination planet is in its orbital track. Currently, laser delivery is only available to Luna, Mars (and its moons) and Venus, but we will be expanding this service over time as part of our ongoing partnership with NASA. We expect this expanded offering to be available in early April 2025.

When creating Companies, in addition to country_code, a new planet_code can now be specified in your Payable payload. Is your vendor located on a moon? No problem! Use the country_code field to indicate which heavenly body the vendor is registered on. The following options are available:


The planet_code field defaults to EH for Earth, so your existing payloads will work for same-planet transfers without any changes to your current integration.


Optional fields

The solar_system_code and galaxy_code optional fields are also supported as of this release. These fields default to SO for Sol and MW for the Milky Way, as they are the only values currently supported by our interplanetary funds transfers, but they will become more necessary as we further expand this exciting new product.

We hope you're as excited about this stellar achievement as we here at Routable are, and we hope you have a fantastic April Fools' Day!