Support added for updating Payables

We're pleased to announce that we have deployed the ability to update Payables in the Routable API. You can now change payout dates, accounts, line items, and even payment types with a single API request.

To facilitate this, we've added a version number to Payables, which you'll need to keep track of in order to ensure you are updating the most recent copy of a Payable and do not accidentally overwrite changes made elsewhere, such as from the Routable Dashboard. More details about usage of this field can be found in the Updating Payables guide.

We've also added the Payable's line_items in all Payable API responses. Previously, you could submit line_items when a Payable was created, but not retrieve them. You don't need to do anything different in your request to receive the line_items or version; these will be new properties of every Payable returned by the API.