Ditch the Emails with our new External Redirect onboarding flow

Since we introduced our Invite a Company workflow, one of the most common requests has been the ability to turn off the reliance on the invitation email and instead inject the Routable-provided onboarding experience directly into your application's own onboarding workflow. We're excited to say, we've heard you and that feature has launched today!

Importantly, using the Invite a Company endpoint will work the same today as it did before by default, so if you like the way your integration is using it, nothing needs to change in your code. (A successful call will now return a 200 OK and a Company object as the body, rather than a 204 No Content without a body, however.)

If you'd like to disable the email invitation, you may now pass the new parameter send_email with a value of false to do so. If you'd like to request an onboarding URL, pass the parameter get_links with a value of true and we'll include one in the response body.

Whether you send emails, request redirect links, or both, you may also inject a follow-on link that you'd like Routable's onboarding form to direct your users to once they have completed the process. Use this to show your users a confirmation page or allow them to seamlessly continue with your application's signup process. To include this, set the desired URL in the new confirmation_redirect_url property of your request.