After creating a company, you may invite the company to use Routable's vendor onboarding flow to add additional
contact information and payment method details to their vendor profile. This can be done in two ways: via email
and/or via an embedded link.

To send the invitation via email, set the send_invite_email parameter to true.
The recipients of the email will be based on the Company's Contacts and their default_contact_for_company_management value:

  • When actionable, the contact will receive an email with a clickable link that allows them to submit information.
  • When read_only, the contact will only be notified of the invitation.
  • When none, the contact will not receive an email notification.

To use the embedded link flow, use the get_links parameter with a value of true.
You may also specify a confirmation_redirect_url to route the user to after completion of the Routable onboarding flow.

After inviting a company, their status will change to invited.
After the contact enters their information, the company's status will changed to accepted.
Attempting to send an invitation to a Company that is already accepted will generate a 400 Bad Request error.

For more information, see our help docs.

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