More webhook goodies!

Hey there, friends! Hope everyone's having a happy, spooky Halloween! 👻

We're excited to announce our next wave of webhook enhancements!

New Webhooks

First, we've added a new webhook event:

Payable and Receivable Webhooks

We've deprecated the item webhook resource, in favor of payable and receivable, to more closely match the API endpoints. That means there will be no more confusion as to whether an item webhook you received was for a Payable or a Receivable when you go to query the item back out of the API. The item events will continue to fire for the foreseeable future, but we recommend changing your implementations to use the payable and receivable events as appropriate:

Old EventPayable EventReceivable Event


Note that the event names for payables and receivables have been changed to past tense for consistency with our other webhooks.

Webhook Event Listing

You can now List Webhook Events directly through the API! If you need to re-fire events, want to double-check you got them all, or just view historical events, this endpoint will allow you to query and filter the list. The last 30 days of webhook data will be available through this endpoint at any given time.