Collects tax information about your vendors

A TaxForm is used to collect tax data for your vendors. There are multiple forms of TaxForm objects. Which one you will use for a given vendor depends on whether the vendor Company is of type business or personal, what country they are based in, and potentially other factors.

To collect TaxForm data, you will first want to determine what type of TaxForm is required for the vendor. To do this, retrieve the Company and check the tax_form_type field.


Domestic vs. International Vendors

For vendors in the United States, use a w9 TaxForm.
For vendors outside the United States, use a w8ben TaxForm for personal Companies and a w8ben_e TaxForm for business Companies.

When submitting your TaxForm, use the Create company tax form endpoint. You have two options to collect the "signature" of your vendor:

  • You can use the uploaded_form object to upload a PDF of a signed form - for example, if your vendor uploaded it when they onboarded to your application.
  • You can have the vendor Contact enter their legal name, and submit it via the signature field.


Need more detail about tax forms?

Here's some advice the US Internal Revenue Service offers to businesses collecting W-9 data (for US vendors) and W8 BEN/BEN-E data for vendors outside the United States.