Supported Countries and Territories: now readable by computers!

If you've explored Routable's International Payments offerings - and if you haven't, why not? - you're probably familiar with the Supported Countries and Territories Explorer. This feature of our documentation allows you to check what capabilities and requirements Routable has when sending Payables to a Company in that country or territory.

This is great information for you as a developer, but if you're paying lots of different countries in lots of different currencies, it's great to be able to have your application determine the capabilities and requirements in real time. Today, we've released our Country resource to allow you to do just that. Make a call to List Countries to get a list of every country in the world, and then Retrieve a Country to get a list of all the capabilities and requirements Routable has there, including what types of Payables and delivery methods are supported, what currencies we can send there, and even what type of PaymentMethod is needed to accept those Payables. You can check for requirements specific to a combination of country, payment delivery option and company type, exposing conditional requirements like Mexico's CLABE or China's CNAPS, and even get a list of a country's PurposeCodes if they are required.

We know building a user interface around countries can be a challenge - we've done it! That's why we've also included some helpful lookup information like telephone dialing codes, formal names, and a de-accented version of the country name (for example, Aland instead of Åland) to help you build interfaces with ease.