Describes Routable's capabilities when dealing with Companies in any Country or Territory.

Routable supports sending International Payments to more than 200 Supported Countries and Territories. However, due to varying regulations and banking systems across these countries, sometimes our capabilities are different between one country and the next, and sometimes additional data is required to successfully complete an international Payable to a vendor Company in that country. Routable provides the read-only Country resource to help you determine these features and requirements.

You can also see if the country is sanctioned by the United States, as Routable cannot conduct transactions with these countries. Use the is_sanctioned value for this.


Loop through the payment_options in the Country object to determine what combinations of company_type, currency_code, delivery_method, payment_type, and payment_method_type are valid for this Country.

For example, let's look at one CountryPaymentOption:

  "object": "CountryPaymentOption",
  "company_fields": [],
  "company_type": "business",
  "currency_code": "EUR",
  "delivery_method": "international_swift",
  "payable_fields": [
      "object": "Field",
      "label": "SWIFT Fee Sharing Option",
      "name": "type_details/swift_charge_option",
      "pattern": "^{our|sha}$",
      "required": false
  "payment_method_fields": [
      "object": "Field",
      "label": "Account Number",
      "name": "type_details/account_number",
      "pattern": "^[0-9A-Z]{1,50}$",
      "required": true
      "object": "Field",
      "label": "BIC SWIFT",
      "name": "type_details/bic_swift",
      "pattern": "^[0-9A-Z]{8}$|^[0-9A-Z]{11}$",
      "required": true
  "payment_method_type": "international",
  "payment_type": "international"

This tells us that when paying a business Company in this country, one way to do so is to send a Payable with a type of international, a delivery_method of international_swift, and a currency_code of EUR.


For countries that are sanctioned, the payment_options array will be empty.

Additional Field Requirements

The company_fields, payable_fields, and payment_method_fields arrays will inform you if there are additional fields accepted or required on Companies, Payables, or PaymentMethods, respectfully.

company_fields Example

  • Some countries, such as Mexico, require a government_id to be able to send payments to business and/or personal vendors. If requires_government_id 's business or personal value is not null, this is the type of government_id that must be set on the Company for that company type in that country. For example, Mexico requires a rfc for business beneficiaries, and a curp for personal ones

payable_fields Examples

  • China requires a purpose_code to be added to the type_details object in your Payables.
  • Payments with a delivery_option of international_swift will have an optional swift_charge_option field you can populate. This defaults to our if not populated.

payment_method_fields Examples

  • Mexico has a special standard bank code called a Standard Bank Code (or CLABE when translated to Spanish and abbreviated) that is required for Mexican bank accounts that transact in MXP.
  • China requires a Chinese National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS) code for PaymentMethods representing certain Chinese bank accounts.

Helpful Information

We've also included some basic information about countries to help you when constructing your user interfaces, such as:

  • The country's formal_name , such as The Federative Republic of Brazil
  • A version of the country's name with accented characters like á and ñ replaced, to aid in sorting
  • The International Subscriber Dialing telephone_code, telephone_area_code, and combined isd codes for validating phone numbers
  • The continent the country is located on