Ways for a Company to receive money

A Payment Method is a place where Routable can send money to a Company.

Please note that there are three different types of payment methods: address, bank, and international. Each type has its own fields that need to be specified in order to Create a Payment Method. See the linked reference document for information about the required and optional fields for each payment method type.

Payment methods of type address are used to physically mail a check to the Company if a Payable of type check is sent.

Payment methods of type bank are used for ach Payables. Payment methods of type international are similar to bank but are used for international Payables.

A Company may have an unlimited number of address PaymentMethods and up to six PaymentMethods of type bank or international, but bank is only valid for domestic vendors and international is only valid for international vendors.


Don't know your vendors' payment information? No problem!

The Invite a Company workflow allows your vendors to quickly and easily enter their own Payment Method information on a form hosted and maintained by Routable. Send a quick API request for an invitation as part of your company creation, and the vendor can take care of the rest for you!

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