Are you hooked? Check out our new webhook enhancements!

Here at Routable, we love adding cool new stuff to the API endpoints you can call. That said, we wouldn't be very good friends if we didn't call you sometimes, too, and that's what our webhooks do, allowing your applications to react to events that occur in the Routable platform regardless of whether they came from the API, the Routable Dashboard, or even your vendors and customers. Today, Routable's proud to announce the first wave of enhancements we're making to our webhook offerings, by adding several new webhook events and some new power we can take advantage of in the next round!

Today, we're introducing webhooks revolving around Company changes:

  • company.created will be triggered whenever a new Company is created, whether it's a Vendor or a Customer (or both) via the Routable Dashboard or the Create a Company endpoint.
  • company.invited will fire when a Company is invited to create or update its PaymentMethods or TaxForms via the Routable Dashboard or the Invite a Company endpoint.
  • company.invitation_accepted will fire when a Company has accepted the invitation to add PaymentMethods and/or TaxForms via the Routable external workflow.

We've also added a new webhook for when a PaymentMethod gets created:

  • payment_method.created.

However, to Retrieve a Payment Method from the API to get details, you need the identifier for the Company it was added to. No worries! We've added a new optional detail field to the body of a webhook event, where we can add extra information you'll need to react effectively to the event. In future development, we'll use this new field to unlock all kinds of cool new functionality and shortcuts for your applications to take advantage of.

Hooked yet? We are!