Business or Personal?

When creating a company, take note that there are two different types of companies: business and personal.

  • You would create a company as business when they are acting as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation.
  • You would create a company as personal when they are acting as a contractor or a freelancer.

Also, take note that the parameters available to configure the company are slightly different between the two types of companies.
We've documented these differences in the request schema.

What's in a name?

When creating a company, we allow you to set different names based on the type of company.

If the business_name for your company is incorrect, it can cause issues for payments.

businessSet from business_name
personalSet from contact's first_name
and last_name

When working with many personal companies, it's common to run into naming collisions.

We recommend including some sort of unique ID in the name such as Jane Doe [bHvRzbRA].

Your finance team might have preferences here - Check with them 💪.


Companies have Contacts that are the recipient of messages pertaining to the Company.

These resources are created when you create a Company.

A Company can have Contacts added, archived and updated at a later time via the Contacts APIs.

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