Sharing SWIFT fees with your vendors

As Routable continues to enhance our International Payments offering, we have added the ability to share SWIFT network fees with your vendors. Specify a swift_charge_option of sha to share the fees, or pass our to cover the entire fee yourself. The default behavior, our, was previously the only available option, so unless you choose to use the new option, you won't need to change your code. You can use our fee calculator endpoint to see the impact of these options on your total charges.

Custom Check Stubs, Accounting Software Object listing, and Company Update support added

We've got a big update for you today with :three: awesome new API features to discuss! :tada:

Real-Time Payment Support added

Routable is excited to announce the launch of Real-Time Payment support, a new payment method available in the Routable API as well as the Routable Dashboard.

Support contacts associated with multiple companies

We now support creating two or more contact entries that use the same email address. This could be the case if (for example) your company does business with the same contractor at several companies :grin: .
See the allow_for_multiple_companies parameter under the Create a Contact API documentation.

Support added for updating Payables

We're pleased to announce that we have deployed the ability to update Payables in the Routable API. You can now change payout dates, accounts, line items, and even payment types with a single API request.

Ditch the Emails with our new External Redirect onboarding flow

Since we introduced our Invite a Company workflow, one of the most common requests has been the ability to turn off the reliance on the invitation email and instead inject the Routable-provided onboarding experience directly into your application's own onboarding workflow. We're excited to say, we've heard you and that feature has launched today!


Introducing the Rate Estimates API

As our beta for International Payments evolves, we are continuing to add new functionality to improve the experience for Routable clients. Today, we launched our Rate Estimates API.

Revision 2022-01-12: API v1 General Availability

Routable's first truly customer-centric API is now in general availability!

📢 New Rate Limits

Over the years, our APIs have not had rate-limiting built into them. Most of the time, for most users of our API, this has been sufficient.

Revision 2021-02-11

  • Breaking Changes: Creating partnerships, partnership invites, and items require updates. For instructions on how to upgrade your requests see our upgrade guide.

  • Items

    • Added support adding an ACH addenda to Items
    • Added support for fine-grained approvals when creating Items -- To enable this feature for your company, please contact [email protected]
    • Added Items > Members APIs that enable updating existing item members as well as adding new ones
  • Company

    • Added Company APIs for fetching information your company and item approval settings -- For access to your company ID, please contact [email protected]
  • Partnerships

    • Added Partnership > Members APIs that enable updating of existing partnership members and creating new ones
  • Updated some examples with correct pagination responses