When working with our API, you might receive validation errors with a status code of 400.

For guidance on resolving this issue, please see the problem's detail and errors field for information.

The errors array will contain a list of errors for your request.

When in the body, a RFC6901 JSON pointer will be returned for the path. Otherwise, path refers to the name of the header or query parameter.

  // An absolute URI that identifies the problem type and has
  // human-readable documentation.
  "type": "https://developers.routable.com/v1/error/validation-error",
  // A short, summary of the problem type.  
  "title": "Validation Error",
  // The HTTP status code generated by the origin server for this occurrence
  // of the problem.
  "status": 400,
  // A human readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem.
  "detail": "There were validation errors associated with your request.",
  // When applicable, a list of errors associated with the request
  "errors": [
          "where": "body",
          "path": "/acting_team_member",
          "detail": "field required"
  // A request ID that can be sent to Routable's support team
  // to assist in debugging.
  "request_id": "c9339616-7d23-486c-872d-02b13c7ec619"


Need some help?

Contact [email protected] with your error response and request ID and we can provide some more assistance on your error message.