Payables in QuickBooks Online

When creating a Payable in the Routable API, there is a bit of additional data required to support the QuickBooks online integration.

The Payable's ledger object

As with all of Routable's accounting software integrations, QuickBooks Online-specific data for a Payable is stored in the ledger object. It includes a single field:

  • memo stores a note about the Payable. It will appear in QuickBooks Online as a Private Note.

Line Items on a QuickBooks Online-integrated Payable

In addition to the main Payable object, the Line Items it contains also have specialized information for QuickBooks Online. Its fields include:

  • billable is a flag to indicate which expenses you incur on a customer's behalf when you work for them.
  • class is an object containing an ID that refers to the QuickBooks Online class to attach this line item to, if you're using them.
  • customer_ref is a reference to which customer to track the line item against if the line item is billable.
  • department is an object containing an ID which refers to the QuickBooks Online department (or other category for the Location) incurring the charge for this line item.
  • markup is a markup amount expressed as a percentage of charges already incurred in this transaction.

You can obtain the department and class IDs through the QuickBooks Online API or by making a call to our accounting software object list endpoint. We strongly recommend caching these results.