Payment Acceptance Flow

What a Vendor sees if they need to accept a Payable

If a Vendor is sent a Payable and there is no Payment Method specified, the Vendor will need to accept the payment and select a Payment Method to receive the payment.

When the Payable is sent (eg. when its send_on date is reached and it is approved, if needed), the Contacts defined as default_contact_for_payable_and_receivable will be sent an email that looks much like the following:


A sample of a "Payment Received" email.

When the vendor clicks the email button to accept the payment, they will be taken to a payment acceptance form, hosted and maintained by Routable. It looks like this:


Initial screen.


Add/select a payment method screen.

From this form, the vendor will be able to add any missing onboarding information (just as if they had been sent an invitation, including configuring Payment Methods if needed.

They will then select which unique Payment Method they would like to use to receive payment( vendors can add several payment methods).

They may also select which type of payment (eg. check or ach) they would like to receive, if the Payable was sent with a type of vendor_choice.

What’s Next