How to Use This Site

The guide to using the guide. That's so meta!

Welcome to the Routable developer portal! This page will guide you through the features of this site and how they can be used to help propel you forward on your Routable journey. Each section in this page refers to one of the tabs found at the top of the page.


You are currently viewing the Guides section of the documentation, and this is where we recommend that you begin your Routable integration journey. These pages are narrative discussions of Routable functionality and are intended to be read in order.* These guides will give you a solid foundational understanding of how to integrate Routable into your application.

*You can, of course, skip the Accounting Software guides for all applications other than the one(s) you use.


Recipes are code snippets that demonstrate commonly-performed tasks in the API in a variety of programming languages, and we're working to add more all the time. You'll find some Recipes embedded in the Guides, but a more complete library is available in the Recipes tab above. Feel free to paste these snippets directly into your project to help you get up and running as quickly as possible, or just use them as references as you build out your own Routable implementation.

API Reference

This is the exhaustive codex of all API functionality, broken down by resource. Use this reference when you already know what API endpoint you intend to use, and just need guidance on specifics for the resources and calls you're preparing to make. This section is generated from OpenAPI.


Here, we will provide running updates on each new version of the API which adds new functionality or introduces breaking changes. We commit that prior versions of the API will continue to be available for your use, but you should periodically check on our changelog to see what exciting new features are available to utilize to make your Routable experience even richer.

Routable Help Center

For general information about Routable and its usage, including use of our Routable Dashboard, please visit our Routable Help Center.


How can we do better?

We're committed to making this guide, as well as all Routable resources, as clear and easy-to-use as possible. If you have suggestions for improvements, please don't hesitate to let our Developer Experience team know!

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