Accounts are funding sources for your Payables.

Accounts are connections to funding sources you control that can be used for receiving and/or sending money. These are similar to Payment Methods, but they are your accounts rather than your vendors' accounts.

  • When sending payables, you will typically use an account of type=bank.
  • When sending a payable via Real-Time Payments, you must use an account of type=balance.
  • Some faster ACH delivery methods, such as ach_same_day or ach_next_day, may use either a bank or a balance account.

Your Routable Balance

To top up your Routable balance, you can make a deposit using the Routable Dashboard or the Deposit Funds into Routable Balance endpoint.

Note that funds will not be immediately available, so you may need to plan ahead if you need to send large payments. Since only real_time_payment requires funding via the balance, ach_same_day is often a valid fallback if needed.

If you wanted to create a "send via the fastest available method" function, you could do something like this in your application:

def send_via_fastest_method(payable): 
    # check the Routable balance amount
    balance = requests.get("")
    if balance["type_details"]["available_amount"] < payable.amount:
      payable.delivery_method = "ach_same_day"
      payable.withdraw_from_account = MY_BANK_ACCOUNT_ID
      payable.delivery_method = "real_time_payment"
      payable.withdraw_from_account = balance["id"]
    return"", payable)