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๐Ÿšดย  Routable Onboarding Flows

When you're getting started with Routable, we typically recommend that you take advantage of our existing customer and vendor onboarding flows.

We've spent thousands of hours optimizing and battle-testing it with customers and vendors in a variety of different industries.

We handle validating phone numbers and addresses, collecting year-end tax information, and validating and collecting payment method information.

To see what this flow looks like, check out our help docs.


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๐ŸŽ๏ธย  Embedding Routable

As you begin to automate hundreds to thousands of items per month, we recommend that you and your product team explore fully embedding Routable into your product.

At a large enough scale, we've found that embedding banking information collection forms and payment history inside your product results in a better experience for your vendors and a reduced support burden for your business.


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